The Science of Dioxin

August 22, 2016 | Commercial Litigation | Complex Torts & Product Liability

Taipei Medical University Doctor Claims Dioxin is Linked to Premature Ovarian Failure

A physician from Taipei Medical University reportedly suspects that an increase in “premature ovarian failure” is due to increased exposure to environmental pollutants such as dioxin.

A recent news story in The Taipei Times asserted that physicians from Taipei Medical University had found a “surge of patients” suffering from “premature ovarian failure.”

The story said that the director of the University Center for Reproductive Medicine at the medical school, Tseng Chi-jui, attributed the purported increase to an “increased exposure to environmental persistent organic pollutants, such as dioxin.”

Dr. Dean Lee Mao-sheng, of the Taichung Lee Women’s Hospital, reportedly said, however, that other factors, such as immune-system diseases, hereditary problems, endometriosis, and ovarian surgery, also could lead to premature ovarian failure.

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Dioxin – August 2016

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