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July 20, 2016 | Commercial Litigation | Complex Torts & Product Liability

One Boiler Remains Offline at Durham York Energy Centre

One of two boilers at the Durham York Energy Centre (“DYEC”) remains offline following reports of high emission limits for dioxins and furans from that boiler. Results for the second boiler at the facility were below the allowable limits.


The DYEC is a new, state-of-the-art $286-million solid waste-to energy incinerator in Southern Ontario near Toronto built and operated by Covanta Durham York Renewable Energy Limited and owned by the Regions of Durham and York.

The facility can process up to 140,000 tons of waste each year, generating some 17.5 megawatts of renewable energy – enough to power between 10,000 and 12,000 homes.


It is not yet clear when the boiler that was brought offline will resume operations. Mirka Januszkiewicz, Durham Region’s director of waste management, told a local reporter, “When boiler 1 will be online, I don’t know. It could take some time. We won’t start boiler 1 until we are quite comfortable.”

Januszkiewicz also was quoted as saying that the local Environment Ministry was studying an “abatement plan” that had been prepared by Covanta.

Learn more: “High Dioxin/Furans Levels Lead Covanta to Temporarily Shut Down Boiler at Durham York Energy Centre,” at; “Covanta Report: Waste to Energy Emissions Down, Recycling Up,” at; “Ontario Authorities and Incinerator Operator Disagree About Test Results,” at; “Compromised Samples Led to Incinerator’s False High Emission Results, Report Finds,” at

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