Dioxin: Legislative Developments

January 25, 2017 | Commercial Litigation | Complex Torts & Product Liability

Proposed Constitutional Amendment on Natural-Resources Damages Set for Vote in New Jersey

The New Jersey legislature has approved a resolution that allows voters to vote on a constitutional amendment that, if adopted, would limit the ability of the state to use funds received in settlement of certain environmental actions for general budgetary purposes.

The resolution approved by the legislature was sponsored by Senators Bob Smith and Linda Greenstein and co-sponsored by Senators P. Barnes, III, Codey, Lesniak, Scutari, Vitale, Turner, Weinberg, and Sarlo.

The proposed constitutional amendment, to be voted on by New Jersey voters this fall, would amend the New Jersey constitution to dedicate all state moneys received from settlements or awards for legal claims based on environmental contamination for certain environmental purposes. Under the proposed amendment, these funds only could be used to repair, restore, replace, or preserve the state’s natural resources.

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