Dioxin: Legislative Developments

January 27, 2016 | Complex Torts & Product Liability

Washington Legislature Should Raise Toxic Materials Tax to Fund Cleanups, Paper Contends

A newspaper in the State of Washington, The Olympian, has criticized the state legislature for diverting funds intended for the Port of Olympia’s future cleanup of Budd Inlet and using them for other purposes.


A $6 million state grant to begin work on the Port of Olympia’s future cleanup of Budd Inlet is in “limbo,” according to an editorial in the paper, because the state legislature has diverted the funds for other purposes.

According to the paper, legislators “raided” about $250 million from accounts holding “Model Toxics Control Act funds” that was to be used “in cleanups and storm water projects to prevent future pollution,” and also diverted other money to other programs.

The editorial asserted that to help the Olympia port (and the Tacoma port, which is involved in two cleanups), the legislature should raise the toxic materials tax temporarily from its current $7 rate per $1,000 of wholesale value.

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