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Compliance, Investigations & White Collar

At Rivkin Radler, we understand that those accused of white collar offenses face not only the harrowing experience of criminal investigation and prosecution, but also the unpleasant attendant prospects of negative publicity, reputational damage and financial loss. Potential penalties for white collar offenses range from probation, fines and forfeiture, to lengthy prison sentences. The consequences for an organization can be devastating, and can effectively destroy its ability to continue as a viable business concern.

Our attorneys, many of whom have experience as government prosecutors, assist professional clients defend against a wide range of criminal fraud charges arising in a variety of industries. We offer experienced counsel at each critical stage of the process, from the pre-indictment investigation phase through motion practice, plea negotiations and all the way through trial, if that is the legal strategy calculated to protect our clients’ interests.

Internal investigations are an indispensable tool for organizations to uncover and address potential issues of misconduct, whether those issues relate to fraud, discrimination, self-dealing, bribery or other forms of corruption in the workplace. Sometimes, those issues are revealed through government-initiated action such as a subpoena or search warrant. At other times, an organization may learn of misconduct on its own through a routine audit performed as part of a corporate compliance program or through another kind of reporting such as an anonymous whistleblower. Whatever the source of the allegations, our attorneys can assist organizations to uncover the truth and to implement appropriate remedies.

Rivkin Radler also offers compliance advisory services to help our clients successfully navigate the complex, ever-changing world of government regulation and enforcement in a range of industries. Our Health Services Practice Group offers experienced guidance to all segments of the highly regulated healthcare industry, providing fraud and abuse counseling, and assisting medical providers in structuring and maintaining compliant organizations. More generally, we can assist clients in various industry sectors in responding to government information requests, negotiating resolutions of government investigations, assisting in transaction-related regulatory due diligence and, of course, defending against allegations of fraud and misconduct.

The matters on which our attorneys can offer assistance include:

  • Government Investigations
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Internal Investigations
  • Regulatory Due Diligence
  • White Collar Criminal Defense
  • Compliance Advisory

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