Rivkin Team Obtain Victorious Decision

May 10, 2012 | Appeals | Insurance Coverage

Members of the Rivkin team won unanimous affirmance of trial court on choice of law ruling that the location of contracting named insured is dispositive in choice of law determination involving insurance contracts where insured risks are spread throughout country.  They also obtained a separate ruling from the Court that NY Ins. Law, Section 3420(d)(2)  is inapplicable to govern a coverage dispute where policy was issued to an insured domiciled outside of New York,  even though policy covered additionally unnamed New York insureds.   This is the first Appellate Court  in New York to rule on this specific issue on these specific facts.

The team was comprised of Gary Centola and Michael Kotula, partners in the Insurance Coverage & Litigation Practice Group, Evan Krinick and Stuart Bodoff, partners in the Insurance Coverage & Litigation and Litigation & Appeals Practice Group, and David Guadagnoli, an associate in the Insurance Coverage & Litigation Practice Group.

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