Mulè Victorious at Arbitration

August 22, 2017 | Commercial Litigation

Michael Mulè prevailed in securing an award on behalf of our corporate client, an aircraft management company, against a private-jet owner based on breach of the parties’ agreement.

Specifically, the firm’s client entered into a contract to manage a Gulfstream IV aircraft. The client incurred over a million dollars managing the aircraft, including payment of pilots, flight attendants and mechanics, as well as fuel charges, landing fees, subscription agreements and maintenance costs.

Despite this, the owner refused to honor its agreement, and at arbitration, claimed that the firm’s client breached the agreement by failing to charter the aircraft. The firm’s client presented evidence that the owner did not want the aircraft chartered.

Following a three-day hearing, the arbitrator rejected the owner’s claim. Instead, the arbitrator found that the firm’s client proved breach of contract and awarded our client the entire amount demanded in damages plus interest and reimbursement of costs.

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