Monteleone to Speak at Insurance Allocation Summit

June 23, 2016 | Directors & Officers Liability | Insurance Coverage

Joseph Monteleone will be a speaker at the American Conference Institute’s 3rd Insurance Allocation Summit, being held at the Carlton Hotel in New York City on June 23-24. This event will cover the following topics:

  • Recent Case Law Rulings Impacting Allocation: Examining the Latest Significant Choice of Law Issues and Key Variations in How States Deal With Competing Interests for Insufficient Limits and the Status of the Insured (“Named Insured”/“Additional Named Insured”/“Additional Insured”)
  • Employing Pro Rata vs. All Sums Methods and Recent Nuances in Trigger and Occurrences: Trigger Theories, Allocation Among Triggered Policies and Among Parties or Claims, What Various States Have Done with Trigger and Number of Occurrences, Contractual Definitions of Occurrence and More
  • Stacking, Viking Pump/Warren, Non-Cumulation and/or “Other-Insurance” Clauses, and Anti-Stacking Provisions
  • Transition to Umbrella and Excess Coverage: Primary Coverage Exhaustion, Exhaustion of Policy Limits, Horizontal Exhaustion, Duty to Defend and Zieg/Qualcomm, and Exhausting SIR/Deductibles
  • Allocation of Toxic Tort, Asbestos, Environmental, and Other Long-Tail Claims
  • Bankruptcy or Insolvency post-Owens-Illinois/Carter-Wallace, Farmers Mutual, and Ward Sand: How to Allocate When There Are Solvent Policies Above or Below an Insolvent, Treatment of Periods Insured by Insolvent Carriers in Long-Tail Allocations, and When and to What Degree Does the State Guaranty Fund Participate
  • Contribution Claims: Relationship Between Allocation and Rights of Contribution in Various Jurisdictions and Obstacles to the Assertion of Contribution Claims
  • Interplay of Allocation Issues in the D&O Space and Allocation of Defense Costs in the D&O Context
  • The Reinsurer’s View of Allocation — Allocation Issues and Methodology When Reinsurance is Involved, Including Follow the Fortunes/Follow the Settlements Trends
  • Allocating a Settlement and Mediation Tips and Strategies
  • Intervention in Underlying Action for Special Jury Verdicts to Affect Allocation: What to Ask in the Underlying Case to Avoid Impairing Coverage Issues

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