Lellos co-presents at the New York City Bar Association

October 19, 2016 | Corporate

On November 18, 2016, Stella Lellos will co-present at the New York City Bar Association’s seminar entitled, “A Practical Guide to LLCs.”

In this seminar, an experienced panel will provide a practical introduction to LLCs. The panel will compare the LLC structure to corporations (including S corporations), partnerships and limited partnerships, citing the advantages and disadvantages of each such entity and how such advantages and disadvantages can shape one’s choice-of-entity decision.  Speakers will walk through the mechanics of forming an LLC, including drafting of the operating agreement. Working from actual operating agreements, panelists will review managerial, voting, governance and control structures (including consents and tie-breaker arrangements), typical as well as unique capital structures (including preferred interests, profits interests and class interests) and buy-outs and exit strategies (including drag-alongs and tag-alongs, and buy-outs upon death).  The discussion will include the use of equity-based incentive compensation arrangements in the context of an LLC and compare them to traditional corporate stock option plans.  Throughout its presentation the panel will highlight tax issues and benefits that arise from the utilization of LLCs, discuss new developments in the area of LLC law and provide real-world examples of the use of LLCs in specific businesses and contexts.

This program has been approved for 4.5 CLE credits:  2 in Skills, 1.5 in Professional Practice, and 1 in Ethics.

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