Kotula Appointed to the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professionalism of the ABA TIPS Section

July 14, 2016 | Insurance Coverage

Michael Kotula has been appointed a member of the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professionalism of the American Bar Association’s TIPS section, and an editor of the TIPS Law Journal for 2016-2017.  Michael is also the immediate past chair of the Excess, Surplus Lines and Reinsurance general committee of ABA TIPS.

Since 1908 the Association’s Ethics Committee has focused its efforts on the development of model national ethics standards for lawyers and the judiciary and the drafting of ABA Formal Ethics Opinions interpreting and applying those standards.

In 1984 it undertook an effort to encourage nationwide adoption of a new set of ethics rules, the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which were the result of a seven-year project to update and refine the then prevailing ethical standards.

Between 1987 and 1990 the Standing Committee developed a revised Model Code of Judicial Conduct, adopted by the American Bar Association and now being widely studied throughout the country.

The Committee also provides consultation to other American Bar Association entities, state and local bars, law school communities, the legal news media and the public on matters of emerging interest in the area of legal and judicial ethics.

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