George Choriatis will present a seminar in Honolulu, Hawaii

May 4, 2012 | Health Services | Corporate

George Choriatis, a partner in the firm’s Health Services Practice Group, will present a seminar entitled, “Accountable Care Organizations:  Is this the Next Direction for Physician Organizations?” in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Present health reforms seek to address the fragmentation and high costs facing our health care system by encouraging physicians, hospitals, and other providers in every medical community to join together as an accountable care organization (ACO) to assume accountability and coordinate their services for defined patient populations attributed to them based on the patients’ utilization of primary care services.  An ACO is entitled to receive a portion of the savings that the ACO achieves with respect to the total costs of care of the defined patient population, provided that it meets certain quality performance measures.  This presentation will provide an up-to-date and comprehensive review of ACOs, the implications of ACOs for physicians, and the strategic options available to physicians.

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